reality hits

I’ve been pretty good the last year about not being in stores where I don’t plan to shop and not wandering the aisles at random of the stores I have been in. I find it only makes me depressed. Or inspired by the great designs. Although that’s only helpful if I use that inspiration for something and not just wish I had thought of that great pillow idea or covet someone else’s pottery prowess. But I digress. Which isn’t that unusual, get used to it if you plan to check in on me regularly.

Yesterday I had to go to Target for my mother-in-law. Now Target I can typically handle. I keep to the hair products, baby wipes, pre-packaged box dinners (don’t tell my mother-in-law), and the occasional trip through the beauty aisle. I keep it safe. Boring I know, but at least I don’t leave with an $80 cart every time I’m there. And with post-baby memory, that can be a couple of times a week when I forget two of the three things I went for in the first place. Sorry, more digression. We had spent the day hanging lots of family pictures and “de-cluttering” the curio shelves so off I went to find some new picture frames for my MIL. I found myself smack in the middle of my danger zone. All that great new wall art. The plethora of vases, they don’t even have to be great vases, just lots of them sparkling together. And the mirrors. I’m a sucker for mirrors. Several times I caught myself thinking “ooh, that’s great.” Or “hmm, that would be perfect for our bedroom.” And then it would hit me “not this year.” Followed closely by the thought “or ever?…what have I gotten myself into?” It was an awakening for sure. I intend to head to the nearest consignment store when I get home so I can fulfill my shopping urge. Wait, that doesn’t sound very compact-y when I say it out loud. I guess I will just have to take the lesson for what it is…I am a long way from free of the mass consumption that pervades our society. I guess I will have to find something to create at home to fill my need for something new and wait until there’s something I actually need before heading out to that consignment store. Who knew Target could be such an educational experience?


One Comment to “reality hits”

  1. Avoid Target at all costs! The farther into this little adventure you go, the more dangerous that place will be. It will start calling to you…

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