shopping at home

Back to my reality tomorrow.  If living in LA can be considered reality. But at least I won’t be forced to shop.

Who am I kidding?

If I can’t convince everyone to join my quest the least they can do is let me do their shopping for them.  But I think I’ve been tested enough for one week.  Now I get to go home and limit my exposure to all of that must-have stuff in the stores.  Although I AM going to be reconfiguring the living room and that usually has me wanting “something” to fill a hole somewhere.  It’s the third time since my son became mobile which was less than a year ago.  He’s really good at putting my creative juices to the test.  So now I plan to do the make-over using only what we already have.  And to increase the stakes I need to add a computer desk to our bedroom.  Not that I want a computer or a desk in my bedroom but it’s the only room I have half a chance of keeping Destructo out of.  Have I mentioned that our bedroom is about 8′ by 8′?  And we have a queen size bed.  I’ve actually considered downsizing to a double.  But then I think, wouldn’t it be easier to find an apartment with larger bedrooms.  And then I remember I live in LA.  So back to the desk in my closet bedroom.  And if I do find there are things I just must have you can find me at the neighbourhood consignment shop.


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