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I’ve spent the last hour or so catching up on some reading. The only thing really relevant to this blog was the most incredible tub creation I’ve seen. I really must have that. I’m hoping I don’t have to find a way to make it but if I have to I will. Trust me, I’ll do it. Maybe not this year, or even this decade but I will do it. (I got kinda shorted on that one as we are almost done with this decade but you get my point.)

What I was really reading were blogs written by some great friends of mine. They are all so interesting and different. We each have our own things but I love how blogs let us peak into each others heads and see what’s going on. This blog is typically on the lighter side (just my speed) but this post made me realize I have really been ignoring the big picture recently. If I don’t wake up in time to hear the NPR news and I don’t check any news websites I can really stay insulated. Having no TV is good for the electric bill, keeps my kid from finding out about Sesame Street and we can enjoy people looking at us like we have no running water when we tell them (“What? That’s just crazy. How do you survive?” has been heard more than once), but it also makes it really easy to ignore everything outside of my favorite blogs and people. Maybe I should think about that. I’ll get right on that. Tomorrow.

My husband like to tell people I am a bartender, so not true. I was one, for a while, a long, long time ago. Although it hardly counts if you only serve wine, beer and the occasional rye and ginger. Now I just refer people here. If I ever get to the point where I can drink regularly again (don’t even ask what I mean by that) I plan to try as many things from this list as I can. I can never decide what to have when I do actually get out so maybe I’ll find my perfect match. Is his name Jack perhaps? I think not. But I’ll keep looking. And besides nothing in the Compact says I can’t buy alcohol, that’s practically food right?

I was just talking (texting really, but what’s the difference right?) to a friend about her well-placed clutter. She is one of the lucky ones that gets to live in a Hollywood home with actual character. Which in Hollywood, unless you’re famous, means you have a small (read quaint) apartment/duplex/bungalow not much bigger than my ex-boyfriend’s dorm room. So in a home with character you may choose to live with less open space if you and/or your husband have a liking for big and/or little things. So to her I say, love your stuff and plan for the day when it looks like you have a sparse living room because it’s so big. If that’s your thing. Or just love your stuff because it’s like whipped cream.

Some days I just want to talk about nothing at all. Okay, you’ve probably already learned that’s more like most days. But some days are worse than others. Maybe tomorrow I will think some more about how I can save my family some green. Or save Mother Nature’s green. But today was just about whipped cream.

Thanks ladies!


3 Comments to “it’s a blogger world”

  1. Thanks for the plug, chica! So glad you’ve joined us crazies in the blogosphere. And hey, nothing wrong with talking about whipped cream, eating whipped cream, playing with whipped cream… it’s a beautiful thing!

  2. Hello!

    We didn’t have a T.V. for seven years, and it was the best thing for our family. When we did decide to accept television into our lives, my husband went out and brought home this monstrosity. It was my worst nightmare. I still can’t believe how our new, giant television dominates the room and our attention at times. We’ve been good about limiting viewing time to a couple of hours on weekends only, but I still regret letting it into our home at all.

    I’m new to this whole blogger world and it’s just so addictive. I’m also surprised that I’m starting to feel like I know people… and not just following strangers. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your interesting life. It makes me happy to know people like you are out in the world, living simply– which is not an easy thing to do. Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming.

  3. Emma, I never know what I am going to be talking about but I’m glad if anybody finds it interesting!

    Dani, Some decisions just should not be left in the hands of husbands! But I may eat those words when we cross that bridge ourselves!

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