not just a green thumb

photo by thru jens eyes'

photo by thru jens eyes'

I had a completely different post planned but it will have to wait.  I just found out about this awesome idea and had to share.  I am so glad the Compact organizers understood the sacrifice of one for the benefit of many.  All in the name of well-being and supporting the local community I can partake guilt-free in recreational services such as massage, manicures and pedicures.  The original exceptions didn’t specifically state mani/pedis but I write the rules in this house.  Don’t I?  If not, just let me believe it.  But, back to my nails.  How great would it be to have a nail salon that actually claimed a “healthy environment”.  I know, sounds like a contradiction in terms right?

photo by green LA girl

photo by green LA girl

But alas, it’s here.  At least if you live in Los Angeles it’s here.  It’s called Recess.  How great is that name?  It makes me think of all the fun had running around the playground with your best girlfriends.  Only now your girlfriends are grown up and need a place to share their newest secrets.  Green LA girl stopped by and wrote a great review.

The things I love most: their eco-friendly space – LEED based design for gosh sakes!  (Ask me another time about LEED, I’ll tell you an exciting tale about architecture and the environment.  And how the two CAN work together.  It’s close to my heart.)  They have organic bevvies to go with the bamboo-cotton towels and toxin-free nail polishes.  Best of all, they will recycle your old nail polish bottles.  Seriously.  I bet you didn’t even know that nail polish is considered toxic waste.

Now I know what to do with that blue polish circa 2004 that I never got around to finishing.


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