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According to Wikipedia a charity shop, thrift shop or resale shop is a retail establishment operated by a charitable organization for the purpose of fundraising.  (Read: they take almost anything.)  Now to me that can be a slippery slope because although the saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” I have to ask, just how many empty Aunt Jemima bottles do you need?

Consignment shops are similar in that a typical shop is reselling someone else’s goods.  The difference being that that someone still owns those goods until they sell.  And the store owner uses their judgment to decide if an item will sell and for how much.  (Read: they can be selective.)  And here’s where geography, personal taste and socio-economic factors come into play.  To be fair, I am limiting my comments to non-clothing items.  For me, true joy comes from shopping for my home not my frame.

Happy Hunting

Happy Hunting

Some thrift stores are fun if you just have some time to spare, are up for a good hunt or have the kind of creative juices that can turn Great-Aunt Edna’s lamp cross-stitch into amazing modern art with just the addition of a Pez dispenser and a lampshade base. I am not that person.

Although I do love a good project I also love stumbling across the perfect thing just as it is. In all it’s original glory. Not worn but previously loved. This may take a more selective approach to your shopping. Or more specifically, in which area of town you’re shopping. I found some pieces just such as these at my local thrift and consignment shops this past weekend. I even scored two great birthday gifts. I may even have convinced my husband the Compact can include gift items. He was a bit of a skeptic on that one before. But it was the things I didn’t buy that make me want to go back for more.

Waterfall Desk

Waterfall Desk

I actually found this desk at the consignment shop. I almost jumped up and down. But then I realized I have no place to put it and don’t really need it at the moment. But boy do I WANT it! Not all things that come from thrift and consignment stores have to look like they came from your grandmother’s house.

Grandma's favorite chair

Grandma's favorite chair

But luckily some do, as I would love to plump up the cushions and re-upholster this beauty to go with my new desk. The new desk I see in my dreams that is.

All Things White

All Things White

And I could happily pick up most every piece of white china/dishware/server I come across. Grandma’s or not.

So in addition to limiting my visits to Target I am really going to have to restrict my forays to the second-hand favorites. I could claim no brand-new items but do you think 12 vintage chairs and 3 desks is a bit much for a two bedroom apartment?


2 Comments to “not your mama’s thrift store”

  1. Great blog. Second hand shopping can be addictive and therefore expensive. Careful! Your small apartment will become “Thrift City” and you’ll have to move out! 🙂

  2. Betsy, Thanks! It’s true, a good consignment store can be more troublesome than Ikea!

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