bag lady

a good bag

a good bag

I need help. Seriously. I am trying to be good about helping our environment. Doing my share of recycling, buying organic, living simply. I mean I decided to live an entire year on used goods. How much more serious could I be. And this isn’t exactly new. I have been doing a lot of these things for a while.

Last year my big kick was reusable shopping bags. I got mine. I was so pleased with myself. I put some in each car. Then I’d walk into the store and have to go back to the car to get them. Then they come inside with the groceries in them. Somehow they don’t always make it back to the car. I hang them by the door so I will remember. I don’t remember.

What’s the trick? What the heck can I do to remember these dang bags. I want to remember them. But I never can. I can only blame so much on lack of sleep and baby brain. Help! What do you do to remember your bags?


5 Responses to “bag lady”

  1. As soon as I empty the bag at home, I roll it up and stuff it in my purse. This reminds me to throw it in the car the next time I leave the house.

  2. Beth, I’ll give that a try and see how we do! Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. You need to have multiple bags and they need to be in the car in plain site (not in the trunk). Once you get used to them you can hide them a bit more, but honestly, the more you have the easier it is.

    You don’t have to go out and buy special bags – use whatever you have laying around. My husband goes to SXSW each year and comes home with a canvas bag (or 3) so that’s what I use. I have about 8 in my car (which allows me to forget 1 or 2 inside the house) and 2 in his car in case I happen to be driving his car the day I shop. I also keep a small, mini RuMe in my purse so I always have a bag with me when I go shopping (not grocery shopping, but fun, regular shopping).

    It takes a while, but once you get in the swing of it, you’ll be quite proud of yourself for remembering more often.

  4. Thanks LA B Gal, I will do my best to find some more bags (3 wasn’t really enough anyway!) and place them conspicuously throughout the car! Good thing they’re not theft magnets!


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