soup for the soul

mmm mmm good!

mmm mmm good!

I just finished my second bowl of the soup I made for lunch.  And when I say I made it, this time I mean I really made it.  I’m not a good cook, in fact I don’t even really consider myself a cook at all.  I’m one of those people who spent way to many years working in restaurants and watching the chefs throw in a little of this, a little of that and have an amazing dish come out.

I guess I didn’t pay to much attention because I don’t actually remember what they made I just remember the “little this, little that” concept.  So that’s what I do.  When I don’t just open a box.  Which, let’s be honest, is probably half the time.  But come on, have you tried some of those new meals?  They are pretty damn good.  Especially anything from Trader Joe’s.  Did you know there’s an actual cookbook “Cooking With All Things Trader Joe’s”?  It’s not even affiliated with TJ’s.  Just a couple of brilliant women who took the great stuff Trader Joe’s already offers and mixed it up to make great new stuff!  How cool is that?  Unfortunately, it’s relatively new and I will have to pay shipping when I order it (used of course) from Amazon because I don’t think it’s hit my local used book store yet.  But that’s another story.  Again.

But back to my soup!  I had a hankering for egg drop soup.  Really not even that much of a hankering, I just saw the carton of eggs in the fridge and thought “oh, I can make egg drop soup”.  Of course by the time I finished adding a little of this, and a little of that it was really just based on egg drop soup.  And it wasn’t even much of this and that.  Noodles (everything’s better with noodles right?), cabbage – cuz’ I have a ton of it in the fridge, and some egg.  I never actually looked at a recipe I’ve just had it tons of times in Chinese restaurants.  But add an egg and stir right?  I think if I boiled some broth and added an egg I’d probably call it egg drop soup and be pretty happy.

I’m easy to please.  Soup is good for that.  If there’s water in it you can call it soup.  It really doesn’t matter what else you put in after that. Do you have some favorite toss-ins that always hit the mark?


2 Comments to “soup for the soul”

  1. I told Andrew about this cookbook and guess what? He already knew about it. What a loser. He never told me. Imagine that. What I really wanted to say is that I love soup. I absolutely love it. When I was a kid, I had soup every single day for lunch. My mom would pack it up in a thermos. I even ate it in the summer. Every single day. I still eat soup a couple times a week. Italian wedding, alphabet vegetable, chicken noodle, corn chowder & matzah ball, you name it. BUT I have never had egg drop soup before. Frankly, it just never look appetizing. I might change my mind. Maybe…

  2. Jamie, I could definitely eat soup more than I do. And I’d be asking Andrew why, if he knew about the book, you don’t already own it!

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