do giveaways count?


There are so many things for me to still figure out about how this year is going to work.  I do my best to hold seanses and go back to the night the San Francisco group began The Compact in 2006 to see what they were talking about.  It hasn’t worked yet but I’m still trying.  To me, they were like the tribal council.  The rules were set and if you wanted or needed something you could present it to them and yea or nea you could get it. I know the exceptions of The Compact are individual and what you need them to be.  But what would they think? I miss that tribal council.  Now the followers have grown in such large numbers it’s hard to get a consensus.  I love the story of how one of the original group needed to buy a new shower curtain liner.  The council said “no”.  Word was put out among the tribe and a liner was found.  I know, I know, there’s Craigslist, Freecycle, thrift stores… But it’s not the same as working within a small community.

define free

define free

I would love to ask that original group “what about giveaways?”  I know The Compact is about not spending as much money but isn’t it also about addressing our overtly consumer-istic ways?  Yes, a giveaway is getting something for free.  Always nice.  But doesn’t it also say “Go ahead, keep producing mass quantities of stuff, we’ll take it if it’s free”?  Or is this one of those be strong, become a better person life-lessons where I’m supposed to only put my name in if it’s something my family really needs?  I don’t know if I have that much restraint.  Have you seen some of the giveaways today?  Just today I put my name in for a beautiful Whustof Santoku knife (it’s an investment piece, a need really) and a Wii Fit (I didn’t know I would still have to buy the Wii.  Now I hope I don’t win.)

Obviously I haven’t made the decision whether giveaways count for me.  I’m still struggling with that.  Maybe another seanse will help.  Will you hold my hand and say “Ooooohmmm”?


One Comment to “do giveaways count?”

  1. I think it depends on whether there is a catch to the give-away or not. If the give-away is coming from a street team-type situation, where the freebies are as likely to end up in an alley as in your house, then you are actually doing a service, per se. If, however, part of the agreement for jumping on a give-away wagon is a requirement to then hock the product an perpetrate greater consumerism, then I think you may be doing more harm than good. But only if you are trying to live a compact life. If, like me, you have not set out to live under those rules, I say – gimme, gimme, gimme.

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