catalog choice

catalog-choiceFor those of you that don’t already know, you have a choice.  Well, you have lots of choices actually, but the choice I’m referring to is whether to browse through all those catalogs that only make you depressed because you wo n’t be buying anything from them any time soon.  Yes, you can get them and immediately hide them under your bed.  That is one option.  A better one might be Catalog Choice.  At least it’s better for the tree that made the catalog that made you feel lousy.  Head over to Catalog Choice, register (yes it’s free, yes it means giving your personal info. but that’s already out there isn’t it? – on the back of that catalog you don’t want) and just say no.

It takes a few weeks for the ball to get rolling so if you are one of those lucky ones that gets a catalog from the same company every week you will still get some before they stop.  And if you’re one of those people that gets catalogs from Liberty Street Stamp Collecting or Cool Widgets You Gotta Have you may have to contact the company directly.  Catalog Choice works with a huge selection of businesses but some of the more “unique” houses just aren’t listed yet.  But go anyway.  Try it.  Your mail carrier will thank you.  Maybe they’ll even be giving you a gift next Christmas.

I’m headed there now.  Goodbye hanna Andersson.  Don’t take it personally.  I just won’t be shopping with you this year.  So I don’t want to see all the adorable children wearing your coordinated plaid hats and courduroy jumpsuits.


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