how much would you change?

Artwork by Aaron Piland

Artwork by Aaron Piland

What if your electric company said they were going to help you get smart?  I think mine is about to.  I could use the help right now.  I was part of a focus group yesterday discussing energy, technology, conservation and the like.  From what I gather my dear (read: monopoly) SoCal Edison is looking into the feasibility of the Smart Meter.  What Ed is proposing is a meter that is installed inside your home that can tell you in real-time information what your electricity usage is and offer financial information so you may opt to change your usage to cheaper times of day.  It would also automatically tell them when your house was experiencing a power outage.  So they could fix it of course.  Maybe they will actually get to you before all the meat in the fridge spoils next time.



Does this sound big brother-ish to you?  Remember, you have a meter on your home giving you (and them) your usage information already.  But this would be IN your home.  For you to see.  For everyone to see.  Would you feel the need to hang a cloth over the thing if a friend came over and laundry was going at 2 o’clock in the afternoon in July and your meter was spiking through the roof?

Personally I think we’re pretty safe.  For now.  We don’t have a dishwasher.  Or a washer/dryer.  Or any major appliances that run on electricity.  Other than the fridge.  I guess I could benefit from knowing how much my usage spikes from me standing there staring at the contents waiting for inspiration at lunchtime.  I’m guilty, I know.  But we turn all the lights off all the time and we only run a small space heater in the nursery and our bedroom during the hours we are sleeping and only on the really cold nights.  It’s something right?

I’m all for more information = more power but apparently Ed is still weighing the options.  Would it matter to you?

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