exceptional updates

the ultimate salad spinner

the ultimate salad spinner

It’s that time.  I have found things I can’t live without.  Okay that might be a bit extreme.  But I have thought of some new things to add to the exceptions list.  Of my own ponderings and some recommendations I have the following additions:

  • toddler shoes – although I will continue to hunt and peck through the consignment and thrift store shelves I have also resolved to buy new shoes for Toddler L if need be as foot binding is just not my thing.
  • hardware – this one was less obvious in the beginning but if I need a certain do-hicky/screw/latch thing to fix something I am running straight to my locally owned hardware store (just being ridiculously clear here, you might be saying “duh, no shit sherlock” but I like complete clarity).rings
  • jewelry – now this is a very specific ring so I’m allowing myself a free pass.  When our son was born my husband gave me a ring with his birthstone (the baby’s not my husband’s).  It’s part of a set.  I get jewelry with every labor and delivery.  It’s only fair.  And I’m not letting this one go just because a kid is being born this year.
  • salad spinner – I promise to hit all the nearby thriftys and on-line for this first but if I don’t find it soon I’m going native.  I figure this one eliminates the waste of food so it’s a wash.
  • potato masher – this one follows the same logic as the potato spinner.  I’d love to make mashed potatoes but can’t figure out how without a way to mash the suckers.

That’s it.  I think.  What do you think?  Is it just that I’m losing my resolve already?  Or have I found some justifiable needs?  Are these things my shower curtain?


3 Comments to “exceptional updates”

  1. Unfortunately the jewelry claim is a little weak. However, what if you went with estate jewelry? Wouldn’t that fit in the compact? Just a thought. But otherwise, I completely support all your necessary purchases! 😉

  2. My aunt did a lot of entertaining in her day and gave me this tip for “spinning” large quantities of salad.

    Pillow case, tie it shut, throw it in the dryer on Air Dry (no heat). Voila!

    Not exactly eco-friendly, but I wonder if a pillow case wouldn’t work as a pat-down/shake it dry thingy in lieu of a spinner.

  3. Emma, I like your thinking! Estate jewelry can be a lot of fun. But I might have to stick to my guns on this one and keep it a matching set. I don’t want one kid getting bent later on because their “whatever” doesn’t match everybody elses! And I’m just stubborn sometimes! I picked the set and I’m stickin’ to it!

    Califmom, I tried it and I like it! Minus the dryer bit! I don’t want to spend 75cents to get my lettuce dry! I just shook the case and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip.

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