Another day, another dollar.  Right?  That’s the saying anyway.  I believe the saying is referring to another day worked, another dollar earned; but in today’s society it might as well be another day gone, another dollar spent.  This week though, I am looking at the dollars I saved.  Specifically this past weekend.  I have to re-cover my dining room chair seats.  (Major digression coming, just preparing you.)  I covered them in white ultra-suede when we moved here.  I know, WHITE?  I was pregnant so should know better, right?  Well I got the last laugh on that one.  Not only did I know it was basically temporary, was simply fulfilling my designer need to always have “the right look” (whatever that is) and allowed me to use this yummy fabric; it turned out to be practically spill proof!  In the first months I spilled red wine, tomato sauce and who knows what else on it and a quick wipe with a damp cloth and it was good as new!  I was thrilled!  And shocked!  And thrilled!  But 18 months later (16 of those with child, 10 of those with mobile child, 6 of those with mobile child and sticky fingers) and we have finally reach the no-clean limit.  Which is fine, I am always up for a change.  So…”I have to re-cover my dining room chair seats…”

Now, under the Compact rules that means no easy jaunt to my favorite fabric store and home to complete a quick project.  But there should be plenty of places to find used fabric right?  It could be a curtain, a table cloth, a sheet, a muu muu.  It just has to meet my “design” standards.  Unfortunately I don’t know what those are.  I just know I want a certain…something.  And that means a lot of trips to thrift and consignment stores.  So husband was ever the studly fellow and created a list of shops in our area for us to visit.  And visit we did.  Store after store.  Alas, no curtain, table cloth, sheet or muu muu was found that tweaked my hairs.

But it was certainly not a lost venture.  I found a truly prized possession – a salad spinner!  What joy!  I know, I’m easily amused.  Or just kinda sad.  But whatever, I’m happy.  Unfortunately, it’s not the pull-thread kind (apparently the preferred model among friends as it allows more interaction in the process) but it spins and my pillow cases can now go back on the bed.  AND, husband was very excited about a designer label shirt he found for Toddler L.  It was the great design (and the $1.99 tag) that he was so excited about not the label, but it was nice to score a quality piece and save a bundle at the same time.  I was thrilled to find one of those new-fangled, weird-yet-cool looking Dust Busters for $4.99.  (And it’s even the color of my choice!)  I hate the thought of pulling out the big vacuum every time the boy decides he’d rather eat his O’s off the floor instead of out of a bowl.  Good thing we haven’t started the milk with cereal thing yet!


We’ll be back out later this week to continue the search for fabric.  I’m starting to hope I find a muu muu just so I can say my chairs were recovered with one.  Wish me luck!

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