do artists count?


A while back I was wondering if giveaways would be permitted by the San Francisco Compact originators.  And then I wondered what I would do about the issue.  I have to admit I’ve put my name in for several online giveaways since that post.  I figure, if I win a gift card is it really any different than being given a gift card as a gift?  But I do limit those entries to stores I would really, really want stuff from.  Not just plastic cash to rush out and buy crap.  This is me holding to the “what are we spending our money on and is it really necessary?” aspects of the Compact.

Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler

And if it’s a giveaway for actual product, 90% of the time it’s for handmade stuff being given away by the artist or on their behalf.  So I think that’s okay too.  On a good day I consider myself an artist.  So if I can support another artist I’m all for it.  The more entrepreneurial the better.  I love Jonathan Adler’s stuff but I’m not running out to get it saying “he’s an artist, it’s okay”.  I like the little guys.  And gals.  You know, Jonathan Adler 20 years ago.  This is me holding to the “what are we buying and bringing into our home?” aspect of the Compact.

This change in the rules, or bending of the rules, or lack of fortitude on my part is due in large part to Sommer Designs.  Well, that may be passing the buck a little bit.  It goes back to my need to recover those pesky chairs.  I’ve been looking and looking but I haven’t found any fabric that I like in the used market.  There was one piece today that came really close but the chairs are (an awesome!) bright green so not the easiest to work with.  But back to the blame game.

Erin McMorris - Park Slope
Erin McMorris – Park Slope

While I was doing everything but writing a post last night (which basically means I was spending way too much time on Twitter) I was reminded of a blog I like.  As I was wandering around the blog I ended up on Sommer Designs’ main site.  Which led me to her Etsy shop.  Specifically her fabric remnants shop.  So, see if you can follow my logic here.  I need fabric.  (And rather quickly, I’m a procrastinator.)  Can’t find anything at the used shops.  I found an artist who is based nearby.  She has scrap fabric that I really, really like.  (No this picture isn’t what I chose, but don’t you just love it?  I do.)  I can pay a nominal fee for her extra yardage and pick it up tomorrow morning in person.  It works for me.  Maybe if you’re really lucky I’ll finish the project and show you pictures tomorrow.  Do you feel lucky punk?  Well, do ya?

And maybe if I get lucky I will get one of her great bags for the days I don’t have to carry O’s, animal crackers, diapers, sippy cups and all that other fun stuff!

[image: bingo card no. 1 by michele bosak]

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2 Comments to “do artists count?”

  1. Love the Bingo Card #1!!! And I can’t wait to see the new chairs…

    By the way, aren’t rules meant to be broken?

  2. Emma, sometimes I try to bend the rules as far as I can before they break. Just to see how far that is! And Bingo Card #1 is truly a recycled bingo card. I just love that!

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