a job well done

old and improved

old and improved

Project complete!  I was so excited yesterday to meet Carrie of Sommer Designs and pick up the fabric for my chairs.  I quickly (okay, really more like 8 hours later after Toddler L went to bed) got to work taking off the old fabric and replacing it with my stain-free beautiful new fabric.  What do you think?

And by the way, the old fabric was this awesome white (well, it was when it was new) ultra-suede so I just couldn’t throw it out.  I cut it up to make washable swiffer cloths and some rags.  We’ll see how they work but first I have to wash off all the finger prints and peanut butter.


5 Comments to “a job well done”

  1. So cute! I love this fabric and the color. Did you have to barter for it?

  2. Jamie, I didn’t have to barter for this fabric as it was unused remnants from a local artist. Taking her scrap material is it’s own form of recycling in my opinion!

  3. Holy crap, chica, they are AWESOME! Can’t wait to touch and feel. You scored on this. Well done.

  4. Wow! They turned out SO GREAT! And I love the chair color too! Nice job.

  5. Thanks Carrie. I think this fabric is great and has much potential should I decide to repaint the chairs in the future.
    And Thanks Emma James, I am inspired to do more!

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