did I compact?


It was grey, but was it green?  Well, I can’t say Friday and Saturday were terribly inspired but Sunday.  What a Sunday!  Despite the fact that Toddler L refused to sleep Saturday night we still got up early (okay, 7:45 am may not be early for you but my eyes were still puffy) and got ourselves to the Rose Bowl flea market.  It’s the largest flea market in the country, they say it can be seen from space.  I don’t know about that, but I do know I can’t do it all in a day.  We spent a good few hours wandering the aisles, seeing what was up for grabs, and even doing a small amount of grabbing.

I got some great fabric for a couple of sofa pillows to go with my newly refurbished dining room chairs.  Now I just have to actually make the pillows.  Ugh, the planning is so much more fun than the execution.

Husband found some sunglasses to replace the ones Toddler L broke.  Luckily he’s not picky about style because he loved the super cheap price.  I’m sure they were more expensive in 1994 when they were new!  But they fit the bill.  I was tempted to give him a pass to get new glasses as long as they came from an independent, local shop.  We live in Southern California, wearing sunglasses is kind of like wearing sunblock, it’s a health and safety issue.  Especially when driving.  But husband said no, he’d find some eventually.  As I drive with him frequently, I was glad the eventually was sooner rather than later.

A couple other great finds, (an 8 cup measuring cup, a couple of gifty things for people I can’t talk about in case they actually read this) and we headed home.  Plenty more stuff we both would have loved to have, but as we were buying for “need” and not “want” we kept it pretty tame.  Maybe some day some of those wants might make it back in, but for now we’re keeping it simple.  And we had a great time doing it.


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