the same, only different


Just when things were getting fun I left you hanging with only a penguin cartoon to keep you warm.  Sorry about that.  The family took a trip to Toronto to visit Gramma.  As much as I can’t disconnect when I’m home, take me on the road and I pretty much forget what a computer is.  But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about you my dear friends.  Every day we did things, I would think, “how can I write about this”?  So I’ve got some things saved up to entertain you with.  (Just pretend you’re entertained okay?  I have a sensitive ego.)

I’ll start by letting everyone know thrift shops in Canada are pretty much the same as in the States.  In case you were wondering.  And if you’re saying “duh”, I know; but my dear, sweet, very intelligent husband was convinced they would be noticeably different.  I’ll skip over the part about him being so excited to get to Toronto and go shopping.  It was a surreal moment.

Goodwill - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Goodwill - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There were two things that were new to me though.  And this may just show my limited thrift store experience.  You can tell me for sure.  One things was finding this Goodwill tucked into the shopping mall right there with the other typical retail shops.  That felt strange.  Maybe it was just me.

The other thing were the thrift store auctions.  A number of the stores we visited were doing weekly auctions.  We stumbled upon one on Saturday.  For the most part, the items seemed to be the same as other thrift store items but somehow would garner a higher price.  I guess a model sailing ship could be tagged at $15, but if sold at auction would fetch a stellar $65.  Who knew.  Are these things common in your area?  Am I just missing the boat here?

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One Comment to “the same, only different”

  1. Goodwill in the same location as a Macy’s (or whatever Canada’s version is)? That’s socialism for you. The Paris Hiltons of the world are shuddering.

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