the milk bag


While sitting in a coffee shop on our recent trip to Toronto, I told my husband I wanted to take a picture of the shop’s back counter.  He looked at me a little strangely and I explained they were using milk bags.  He looked at me a lot strangely then.  I told him “milk comes in bags here”.  More strange looks.  I had completely forgotten since leaving Canada many years ago about the wonder of milk bags.  It wasn’t really a wonder growing up with it, but seeing it again I wondered why it was such a north of the border thing.  (Apparently it’s not, it’s just not such a U.S. thing.)  Milk in a bag.   Bag in a pitcher.   Less packaging.  Less cost.   How is this not the norm?  In fact, it’s such a great thing there’s a website completely devoted to it.  You may have to be Canadian to enjoy this but take a minute to check out Milk Bags V.20.  It’s funny.  In a strange way.

Ah well, this could be a great social debate, but I really just wanted to pass on the wonder of milk bags.  Was that a strange look you just gave me?

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3 Comments to “the milk bag”

  1. Great blog Leigh…Scott sent me the link. Your milk in a bag really brought back some memories/made me giggle as I attended a Canadian University. We really need to get on that here in the states!

  2. Thanks Beth! I agree, I wish we could “import” the idea to the US! As a bonus I could stop buying sandwich bags too! I guess it’s really ziploc blocking the whole thing!

  3. I love milk in a bag. They’ve had that it every country in which I’ve lived except the US.

    I just don’t drink milk. Waiting for them to have soy milk in a bag!

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