one box at a time


Have  you recently moved?  Are you thinking about moving?  (I think I saw you shudder.)  I know, it’s not something we like to dwell on.  Moving is rated as one of the most stressful life experiences.  Right behind divorce.  (And considering divorce usually requires moving that’s just a ridiculously unfair double whammy don’t you think?)  And that’s not even getting into the guilt of what you’re doing to the environment.  At least as far as the divorce.  I’m going to get into the guilt of moving.

I really don’t like moving.  And I should know.  I’ve moved over 25 times in my life.  Most of those as an adult who actually had to participate in the process.  It’s a pain in the ______ (fill in the blank depending on your temperment).  As we are staring another move in the face I’ve been thinking more about the process.  And I’d have to say, one of my greatest moving pet peeves is the moving box.  I’m pretty darn good when it comes to packing (so many years of practice and all) but to take full advantage of each cardboard box they must be not-too-heavy and yet completely full.  A box that isn’t full is a disaster waiting to happen.  Especially if they are getting stored for any length of time.  The sight of a caved in box about to topple a stack is enough to make my neck scrunch up and wonder “why, oh why, can’t square pegs fit in round holes?”

And then what do you do with the boxes once you’ve moved?  I know, many do end up on and craigslist, but what about those now ruined, caved in boxes?  And the ones that got wet when put in a puddle instead of directly on the back of the truck.  (Not speaking from experience here, nope, not me.)  Some may get recycled, but too many get tossed in a dumpster on their way to the oh so plentiful landfills that abound.  I will claim one or two for forts or play-houses now that the reason for a move is the two legged squirt that would rather play in a cardboard box than the most expensive toy any grandparent could give.  But that’s another story.

In trying (not so quickly, I know) to wrap up this story, I come to the point.  I found out about and can finally give a sigh of relief – the better way is here.

“Rent-a-Green box is America’s first, comprehensive, zero-waste pack and move solution made entirely from post consumer recycled trash mined from local landfills. Our mission is to provide relocating business and residences with an authentic and genuine earth friendly packing and moving alternative that will save time, money and Earth.

We convert massive quantities of post consumer trash to make really cool earth friendly packing and moving products that replace traditional and expensive supplies like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam peanuts that are really bad for our Earth.”

Here’s a product, and a service I can get behind to the point of pledging to use them for my family.  I hope these guys are a great big green wave of the future.  Pass the word and be a part of the solution.  Doesn’t the thought of moving seem just a little bit less daunting?

*This is strictly a personal endorsement of this company’s ideas and goals. has no idea who I am and probably would refuse my calls if I made any.  Except when I place my order of course.

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3 Responses to “one box at a time”

  1. Um, you’re moving? Please tell me it’s just somewhere else in Los Angeles county. Otherwise, I’m stealing all your boxes so you simply can’t move.


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