thrifty scores again

It’s been a good trip to Las Vegas so far.  On our first day here, off we went to find Value Village (also known as Savers to the locals).  I have to say it was as good as our experience in Toronto.  Good finds for Toddler L and the husband.

I found a spoon and baking pan I like very much.  If you were still under the impression I was normal, there you go.  I get excited about spoons and pans.  Especially when they are cool and vintage but still work perfect for my needs.  I have great needs.

And best of all, (wait for it)…


I found a Williams Sonoma bread maker.  (I even had a choice of 4 different machines.)  For less than $20.  Something to really get excited about.  Trust me, I’m excited.  I do excitement quietly.  I got home and rushed to the computer (two hours later is rushing in my world) to look up the manual and bread machine recipes.  Found a site that told me everything I needed to know to work my new toy and as well as several basic recipes.

I even tried one.

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

It was a success.  I take that very seriously.  I need all the successes I can count.  Especially in the kitchen.  It’s not my natural habitat.  But this bread was so easy.  And good.  I’ve forsaken most all of my usual internet wanderings to look for more recipes.  I will be making lots of bread in the coming days.  If I have any more successes I’ll be sure to tell you.  I know you can’t wait.

Now if I just had that Kitchenaid mixer.  Kidding.  My yearning has abated to a dull roar now that I have my bread machine (angels singing in the background…in my head).  It kneads.  It rises.  It bakes.  I eat.  Life is good.

If you want a good life buy a bread machine.

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4 Comments to “thrifty scores again”

  1. I’m utterly impressed by this score! I could never have something like this in my house, because I would be eating entire loaves as fast as I could make them. Freshly baked bread is AMAZING. But I hope you make a LOT, and then feel the need to share ;).

  2. Hi,
    Congrats on the bread machine score at the thrift store. May you have many many loaves in your life.
    Have you ever considered making bread the old fashioned way? It’s really not that difficult, though some folks have this mystique of difficulty built up around the process. If you have the time to be home(if you work try a non-busy weekend day)it doesn’t take that much actual time to do. I find the kneading process quite spiritual actually(as long as the dogs are barking and the kids aren’t fighting while I’m doing it). Plus it’s some good upper arm

  3. I meant AREN’T Barking in the previous comment.lolol
    BTW-I just found your blog from your link on your post on TheCompact list.
    Nice job!
    I’ll keep you on my favorites.

  4. Sluggy, I had decided to try making my own before I found the bread machine. I was all set to deal with no counter-space, the unknown process and everything, then my score. I look at it as a sign. I’m doing what I’m meant to do! Or at least capable of for the moment!

    Plus, picking up an 18 month old 50 times a day is about as much arm workout as I think I can handle!!

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