cooking, shopping and getting it done

Wow, I have been so busy being frugal I haven’t had a moment to tell you about it!  Let’s see, a recap of what’s been going on…

  • I made more bread!  It was sooo much better than what we started with.  I thought I loved my new toy but waking up this morning and finding fresh, warm bread when I got to the kitchen really clinched the deal.  Uuummmmyummmyum.  I got this recipe from the Hillbilly Housewife.  It’s my new daily bread.  It is so good.  But I already mentioned that.  It’s so good it deserved another mention though.  Really.  Try it.  I told you, you will have a good life.  Maybe next time I’ll take a moment to get a picture before I cut into the fresh loaf.  If I can wait that long.
  • I slaved for hours to get our grocery shopping and meal planning in order.  I created a grocery list.  It’s very detailed.  It includes price breakdowns for multiple stores.  It lets me vent some organizational OCD.  I may even be able to send the husband to the store by himself one day.  It’s truly a thing of wonder.  Or not.  But hopefully it will keep the pantry stocked and the dinners flowing.
  • Speaking of dinners, I decided to try a weekly menu planner.  Based on the weekly specials I hope to will plan meals and buy the appropriate foodstuff.  The Frugal Girl does it and writes about it.  I’m impressed.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.  No really, I do hope some of her planning skills rub off.  And her baking skills.  She makes bread all the time.  I need to exercise more so I can eat more bread.

Although I just read about The Non-Consumer Advocate‘s system of filling the pantry and cooking from what’s there.  She has a pretty good list of staples to work from.  I still think I’m going to stick to my meal planning for now.  The extra planning will help me not lose sight of the perishables and hopefully I won’t be throwing away any more unused bok choy.  That one hurt.  I like bok choy.  As this is week one (day one really) of our new regime I am open to any successes and failures.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  Can’t wait, can you?

  • Lastly, a non-food related item.  I’m currently working on a fabulous gift for a 3 year old boy.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what a 3 year old boy likes.  Plus, my favorite kids consignment store was out of everything labeled “fabulous gift for 3 year old boy”.  I’m off to see what other Compactors have come up with.  The party’s on Saturday so an Ebay score of baseball cards and chewing gum is probably out.  What do you think?  I’m not panicking but I could use your help.


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5 Comments to “cooking, shopping and getting it done”

  1. Re: fabulous gift for 3-year-old boy: our favorite 3-year-old is a bit of an odd bird- his favorite gift is a book and last Christmas he asked his mom for “pipes” and that’s what he got. Plastic pipe parts from the hardware store to play with and fit together. His mom is thrifty and he seems to be taking after her.
    So I would buy him a used book, but that depends on the kid.
    At this point, I would look on eBay, or you might get lucky on Freecycle if you put an ad out today. You might coincide with someone moving or decluttering. One other idea- what about some kind of gift certificate- like a trip to Chuck E Cheese’s?
    Good luck!

  2. If you have the organizational bug like my wife you may really like a website I have been working on for her call Plan to Eat. It allows you to create a weekly plan from your recipes and then it creates a categorized grocery list from that plan. I am adding new features weekly so please let us know what you think and if you have any ideas that would benefit your style of meal planning.

  3. Angela – Thanks for the suggestions! I did end up getting a used book (I almost always give books to kids!), and a wood toy set from our local children’s consignment shop.

    Clint – Organization is my key to sanity! I will have to check out your site as well.

  4. Oh. Dear. God. Thank goodness other readers had suggestions because a) i have no idea what 3-year-old boys like except 1) dirt and 2) trucks, and that might be far to stereotypical to fly, and b) I’m so overwhelmed by all your organization that I’ve started rocking silently and mumbling to myself – something about to-do lists and reboots and cravings for homemade bread…

  5. emma, all the organization in the world doesn’t seem to get me caught up. I find myself rocking sometimes too.

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