not here, over there


No, I’m not changing the the game here at CBD, I’m just letting you know I have a guest-blogger post up over here.  This site is written by the great Emma James, who is in Ireland this week.  She is not very frugal and I don’t think she’d survive a week on the Compact.  But she promised to bring back lots of Irish somethings or others so I agreed to write a post.

Okay, that’s not really true.  She didn’t promise me anything.  But she did ask me to write.  And when a great person taking a trip you’d die to take asks you to write something, how do you say no?

I’m completely intimidated as her writing has actually ended up on TV (and good TV at that) and I talk about what I’m cooking and how much money I spend on groceries.  Oh well, I’m sure her audience is open minded.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

If you’re feeling open minded check it out.


2 Comments to “not here, over there”

  1. I love your guest post- great job. The way you describe your response to music is very similar to my husband and I.

    Where was that “temporary space?” So inviting… And I love that last photo- what a gorgeous place to sleep and dream…

  2. Angela, Thank you. It was a lot of fun to step out of my normal realm and
    see what I could do. The bamboo oases were installations at the Coachella
    Music and Arts Festival. An amazing venue and experience if you can
    tolerate the heat and love music.

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