got fun?


I have not worked in nearly 2 years.  For almost that long the husband and I have been discussing how to get on a budget.

Neither of these things were even a whisper of a thought when I decided to join the Compact.

I did it because I thought it made sense to be more sustainable.  And I love old things so why not make a commitment to renewing their use.  I started this blog to discuss how being a part of the Compact has affected our lives.  I know, I’ve strayed.  I can only hope somebody else has benefited from my work.  If not, I’m happy in the knowledge that my decision to Compact has opened up this whole new world of living to me.  Including finally getting that budget we’ve talked about for so long.

So what?  You say.  Say what, I say.

Say what I’m grateful for.  I like being a part of the Compact.  I like coupon clipping and finding a good deal.  I like cooking all our meals.

I also like doing things.  For fun.  You remember fun right?  There’s been a big push about frugality recently (yes, the new F word), and  many seem to see it as an end to fun.  I didn’t start this year thinking I would be frugal.  In fact, I don’t think I’d thought about the word since Frugal Rock.  Or was that Froogal Rock?  I’m old.  I can’t remember details.

All digressions aside, fun and frugal can coincide.  Saturday night we went to a baseball game at UC Long Beach.  Neither husband or I have an affiliation with the school.  We just thought it would be fun.  You know, something to do.  Tickets were a whopping $5 each.

Husband had a blast, Toddler L had a blast, and I love that more than I care that I don’t really care about college baseball.  It was a great night out.

It cost money.  So what?  If you forget to have fun, frugal really is a dirty word.


5 Comments to “got fun?”

  1. I think far too often people forget to have fun with being frugal. My husband and I have a blast when we shop with coupons. As we walk through the store, I give coupons I’m going to use to my husband. He affectionately calls them buttpons, because he sticks them all in his back pocket. We make a joke of it as we walk through the store.

    We’ve also found a ton of ways to have fun without spending any more. Sometimes we just take walks through a busy town or we’ll play Uno or Trivial Pursuit (remember family games nights?). It doesn’t take much to entertain the two of us. We really enjoy each other’s company and sometimes that’s all we need.

  2. Kristin,

    Usually my husband shops with me too. He takes the coupons as I find the
    items. I think he does it so they don’t get forgotten. I do it so he feels
    helpful. Everybody wins. I’ll have to encourage the butt jokes.

  3. About 18 months ago, pre-compact, had moved into a new area in Sydney after downsizing and didn’t know anyone in the local area.

    We saw a sign for “bush dance” at the local school and so we stepped out of our comfort zone ( again!) and attended. It cost about Au$20 for a family ticket, refreshments included.

    It was one of the best nights we have ever had as a family. My daughter was only 4 at the time, but she was quickly befriended by the other children for dances and spent the most of the evening on the dance floor, and my husband and I were quickly befriended by the other parents.
    My daughter now attends the school and we are now “school parents” who make sure we go out of our way to welcome new people to the school.
    Sometimes the most simple things are the best.

  4. I feel exactly like you. I didn’t know when I decided to do The Compact that it would be all about being frugal. But it can definitely be fun and isn’t all about being cheap and penny-pinching. There are so many free things to do in our neighborhood- one of the perks of where we live is free lectures at Cal Tech university in Pasadena. We hear about the latest applications of the science they’re doing and see slides and video- it’s so interesting. And game nights with friends, long walks, dancing around the living room to your favorite music- there are a million fun things to do that are free.

  5. You’re so right. Frugal does not need to mean cheap. And an activity that
    has some cost can be thoroughly enjoyed if spending money in that area works
    for your budget and your family. Or dance naked around the living room.

    Wait, did I add the naked? Sorry.

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