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I love sharing great finds.  Here are a couple of free things I find great.  Don’t you love when I share?

I spend a lot of time online.  I don’t spend a lot of time reading magazines.  Hence the pile of magazines I haven’t gotten through since January.  (No, I can’t cancel the subscription.  I really want to get through them I just haven’t had made the time.)  And no, I’m not giving away my magazines for free.  Well, I will give them away for free.  But not until after I’ve read them.

Geez, give me a chance to explain.

I was reading a magazine (in a waiting room, not much else to do when waiting) and came across an interesting article by Christina Tynan-Wood.  She’s a software/gadget/techy geek type who wrote about great free tech gear.  (She called herself a geek first, I have the utmost respect for geeks.)  Here are some from her list that I plan to check out: – if you’re picking up a used computer and need just the basic word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing programs this could be your thing.  These products are open source software, hence the free to be.  Windows may be a monopoly but that doesn’t mean you can’t pass GO. – this is top of my list to check out.  What if your voice mail recognized who was calling and even sent you an email when you had a message?  Even better, what if the service could welcome a caller by name or hang up on that telemarketer you just can’t shake?  I would even consider paying for this much goodness, but no, it’s free.  I likey. – back to that used computer that doesn’t need to do much but the basics.  How about a basic, but free, antivirus tool so you can still get online without worrying about horses and worms? – this is one I can attest to – awesome.  If you have pictures spread all over your hard drive this beautiful program will search them all out and organize them into an easy to view catalog.  Add to that basic editing features as well as the coolest email functions around.  If you take pictures you should use picasa.  (I don’t know about you Mac people, I’m still in the PC dark ages.) – if you haven’t already heard about this you probably will.  And you probably don’t have cable.  Hulu is a great website operated by the networks themselves to bring TV to your computer.  Movies too.  And good stuff.  Old stuff (WKRP in Cincinnati).  New stuff (Lost, Heroes).  If there’s a movie you’re on the waiting list for at the library or Netflix it might be worth searching the Hulu catalog.  They even advertise on TV.  I haven’t seen the ads since we don’t have a TV, but I hear it’s some of Alec Baldwin’s best work. – I can’t say much about this one as I happily leave the bills and budget headaches to the husband.  But for those of you who could use a few Tylenol over the monthly accounts it might be worth taking it online.  Quicken will track monthly spending, pending bills and will even help you create a budget so next month you might be able to skip the pills entirely.

Well, I had planned to give you some more free stuff.  But I am out of free time.

We’re off to a symposium on jobs in our greener economy.  Yeah, free food.

If you have favorite free goods, please feel free to share.  Sharing is good.


One Comment to “more free stuff”

  1. Hi Leigh-

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