monday – menus and more


The weekend has really snuck up on me.  Or I guess I should say Monday has really snuck up on me.  How can it be here already?  I’m not ready.

But then again, I’m hardly ever ready or on time.  Even though I hate being late.  But that’s for another post.  (I’m kidding, I would never bore you with such inane personal blabbering.  Okay, yes, I probably would.  But I won’t.  I promise.)

Back to Mondays.  Monday means the week is ahead.  The whole week stretches ahead.  Unused.  Unspent.  Waiting to be completed.  Oh, the things I could do with a whole week.

But I guess I’ll stick to what I will actually do with a week instead of daydream about things that won’t ever happen.  Although, I’m a big fan of daydreaming.  And sometimes my dreams do come true.  Hmmm, maybe that means the husband will make more of his wonderful oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies this week.  A girl can dream.

Let’s see what else we’ll be eating…

Sunday:  leftover brown rice salad, (somebody else’s) leftover Thai peanut salad, leftover fruit salad

Monday:  burgers, beans

Tuesday:  hibachi shrimp (ok, the sauce will basically be the same as the recipe, and it will have shrimp)

Wednesday:  london broil, corn on the cob

Thursday:  baked pasta with spinach and tomatoes

Friday:  we’re at a memorial service

Saturday:  in-laws are coming, menu is undecided (ohhh, the pressure)

Sunday:  most likely eating out with extended family

Yes, I know.  My week has two Sundays.  That’s how I get so much accomplished.

Really, I just decided it was strange to post on Monday about a menu that basically happened in the past.  Next week you’ll see the week starting on Monday.  Unless it’s one of those weeks where we just eliminate Monday.  Sometimes they are just better when skipped.


Last week’s grocery bill was over budget and I blamed Costco.  This week is really over budget.  I blame…  Hmmm, I’m stuck on that one.  I could blame the husband for telling me at the last minute that we needed laundry soap (and hand soap and dish soap).  I could blame the non-coffee coffee tasting drink I tried on Tuesday and then found at the store and which happened to be on sale and I happened to have a coupon from Tuesday but didn’t really need.  I could blame myself for spending more than I budgeted.

But there is no blame here.  I live without blame.  How could I have blame when I have a husband who does the laundry? (and makes cookies)

Our budget was $80, we spent…

Sprouts Farmers Market – $33.49 (savings = $1.10)

Vons – $34.28 (savings = $30.25 not bad!)

Trader Joe’s – $14.65

Target – $27.33 (savings = $7.75)

Bakery Outlet – $2.09 (savings = $4.18 3 boxes Thomas English muffins for the price of 1, love it)

A grand total of $111.84.  On an $80 budget that’s really not great, but considering our savings was $43.28 by shopping sales and using coupons I say it’s almost kinda good.  Like my English sometimes.


That coffee-like beverage I mentioned…


It’s considered an herbal coffee – a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts.  No caffeine, no acidity.  Lots of flavor.

Unlike instant coffee substitutes, Teeccino brews just like coffee in all types of coffee brewers. We prefer the term “herbal coffee” or “coffee alternative” to “coffee substitute” since no one calls herbal tea a “tea substitute”, now do they?

I can’t say Teeccino is inexpensive.  Although I haven’t priced coffee beans recently either.  I love coffee but gave up caffeinated years ago and haven’t had a taste for it during this pregnancy.  Now that I’m almost to the stage of sleepless nights and constant feedings it will be nice to at least feel like I have something to help me pull through.

At $8.99 a bag it might be a splurge but if you find it on sale and have a coupon it’s not a bad deal for a great alternative to tea.  We drink a lot of tea.  I like alternatives.  I only wish I had grabbed more of those coupons.

*Teeccino has never heard of me.  (Except the guy giving out the samples, but I’m not even sure he’d remember me.)  They didn’t pay me to tell you how great I think their product is.  I did it out of the goodness of my heart.  I like to share.  You probably know that about me by now.  (But if someone at Teeccino see’s this and wants to send me lots of free product I stand behind what I said.)


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