write a book

I loved this idea from Sara Hicks Malone (of Party Perfect) to create a “first words” book for my son.


Although I wasn’t crazy about the cost of using an online service to print it.  And I know Toddler L’s penchant for tearing pages, so a board book would really be best.

I found this post about a custom book by Erin Jang (via Jordan Ferney) that solved my problems.

baloo book

Did you know you can buy blank board books?  Used ones too.

I’m not exactly sure how a blank board book could be considered used, but I’m going to find out. Do people buy the book, realize there’s no pictures and return it?

And now the search is on for a used Scrabble game.  I like the idea of having this game anyway and I can use the letters for this project.  Double win.

Let’s hope I can find Scrabble or some letter tiles before Toddler L learns how to write his own book.


4 Comments to “write a book”

  1. With your skills in crafting things, I’ll bet you could make a cloth book for L’s brother too! You can buy the press-on paper at Michaels. The board book sounds great!

  2. I have made board books for all of my kids based on their interests. They were/are not high brow (I am sure you can come up with a better design), but this is how I did it: I used card stock, a hole punch, sharpie, large key rings, and books that I bought at the thrift store. I bought books based on what they were interested in from the adult coffee table book section like birds, horses, trees, art, flowers, etc. Then I cut out pictures (gasp!) and glued then to the card stock. Then I wrote the name of the item under the picture, leaving room to add more text as they were ready below the name. I punched holes in the card stock and used key rings to hold the pages together (a ring my kids could not get off).

  3. Joyce, thank you! I was thrilled to find an entire package of full page sticky paper in the closet. That item was the only stumbling block to getting the project off the ground.

    Alea, as the kids get older I think spiral rings and card stock are a great way to go. And I have no problem cutting up a good used book too! I love the idea of leaving room for parent or child to add info to the book as appropriate!

  4. Blank Board Books are so much fun. Check out http://www.blankboardbooks.com to see more ideas.

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