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It’s Food Waste Friday.  And this is my waste.  There was actually no mold on the tomato paste but as it was pretty nasty on the lid I thought I’d just give it up.  And why I had stored a tablespoon of tomato paste is a very good question.

I have no idea.

And no, the watch is not waste.  It’s for reference.  You might mistakenly assume the picture is of an extra large potato salad bin instead of the itsy-bitsy take-out salad dressing container it really is.  (Well, somebody might.)  Just know it’s a men’s watch.  (I’m only trying to keep the reference accurate.)  Yes, I wear a man’s watch.  Don’t ask why, there’s a lot of history there.


For those of you who need a little inspiration in using up items before they become food waste, check out Life to Leftovers at Wasted Food.  Jonathan Bloom has started a new feature to help out the helpless.  Or at least those with food they don’t know what to do with.  (Yes, I was one of those people once.)  Jonathan may not have the answers, but his readers are great at coming up with ideas for your food.

Who would have thought to make icing non-edible and use it for a kid’s craft?  Or how about french toast from leftover hamburger buns?  (So I haven’t actually had a craft day with Toddler L yet, but I did try the french toast buns yesterday.)

If you have a kitchen conundrum take it over there.  Jonathan’s group may just give some new Life to (Your) Leftovers.


2 Comments to “friday forum”

  1. I love your watch! I think it’s very stylish when women wear men’s watches. I stopped wearing watches years ago because I would ruin them at work (hard to explain- it was old-fashioned film editing and we would be rolling film back and forth on reels- I smashed more than one watch before I stopped wearing watches or bracelets).

    Good job on the small amount of food waste.

  2. Angela, thank you! I’m about to enter the “no watch” stage again. I’ve found oversized metal watches and holding an infant constantly just don’t go well together. In another year I’ll pull it back out of the closet! Sounds like you were in need of a good pocket watch at work. (Another male icon I love to appropriate!)

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