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Food Waste.  Not too much but I’m yearning for the old days when I had nothing to photograph.

Technically, this pasta could probably be eaten.  I packed it for Toddler L when we went out to dinner one night.  Of course, he didn’t eat it.  When we got home I forgot it in the diaper bag, so it went unrefrigerated until sometime the next day.  Probably fine, but for a few bow ties – not worth the worry.

Better luck next week.


This is going to be a very short forum today.  I’ve spent way too much time finding great project ideas and free downloads.  I will be sharing some of them with you.  Hopefully soon.

Until then forum amongst yourselves.

BTW, if you have great free downloads or DIY project ideas (of the creative bent) you want to share let me know.  All credit goes directly to you.  I may just add it to my personal projects-to-be-done-one-day file.

I’ll just leave you with this hint of things to come…



5 Comments to “friday forum”

  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the neckties. I have kept my husband’s old, thread- bare ties waiting for a great project.

  2. I want to make a necktie for my husband! If you can tell me how to do it without a sewing machine, it will be an added bonus.

  3. Good job, Leigh! That’s hardly any waste. 🙂

  4. Teeny, tiny food waste – well done! And thank you for sharing your photo; like you say, not worth taking the risk on and it’s such a small amount anyway.

    best wishes
    Mrs Green

  5. Alea, the only re-purposing I have done with ties is to make them into belts! This project is all about handmade love.

    Angela, this project is a mostly hand-sewn. I think there are a couple of places that need very fine stitches but maybe a friend could help?

    Kristen, Mrs. Green, thank you!

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