DIY – Father’s Day Tie

I promised some creativity, and it’s time to deliver.

I love a good tie.  It’s such a great opportunity to show some flair and style, I almost wish it was more de rigueur for women to wear ties.  (But then I wouldn’t have an excuse to steal from the husband’s closet when I need a fun belt.)


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday.  What’s a more obvious Father’s Day gift than a tie?  But what’s obvious about making that tie yourself?


The Purl Bee has created an entire DIY tutorial on how to make a simple tie.  The instructions are clear and there are lots of pictures to follow along.  I think this is such a great project and I think it’s pretty do-able, even for the basic, beginner sewer like me.  I had the best of intentions to actually make one of these ties in the past couple of weeks (and show you all the step-by-steps of course) but I just didn’t get to it.  Somehow having things ready for the impending arrival of a helpless, needy, very small human being has taken over most of my time and thoughts.

And now that I’ve posted this project for all of you I probably won’t.  At least not for Father’s Day.  The husband actually reads my blog so I can’t talk about him or any surprises without losing my edge.  (I’ll take the readership and find my surprises elsewhere, so don’t stop reading Babe.)

This is basically an exercise in ironing more than sewing.  A majority of the sewing is by hand so a quiet evening on the couch should net one great accessory.  The list of materials is pretty basic too:

  • 3/4-yard cotton fabric for tie front
  • 1/4-yard white or alternate cotton fabric for tie interior
  • 1 1/2-yards heavyweight sew-in interfacing
  • 1 yard light weight fusible interfacing
  • 100% cotton thread to match the front fabric
  • One Father’s Day Tie pattern,available free here, printed out and assembled.

Think you’re up for the challenge?  If you decide to try this out please let me know.  I would love to showcase your efforts and achievements.  And I will post some pictures when I get around to whatever number this ends up being on the project list.  I think that list grows faster than any other around here.


One Comment to “DIY – Father’s Day Tie”

  1. Love the idea of making ties. My hubs (luckily for both of us) doesn’t have to dress for work though, so no ties for us. But I was thinking that the patterns you have the would make me a lovely headband 😉

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