friday forum – take 2


I was feeling so bad about not having a picture to go with my food waste earlier I just had to get this one in.

Apparently, this onion was hiding under the corn I made for dinner.

I’m not a big onion fan so it’s not a huge surprise to me to find half a moldy onion in the crisper.  It seems like I use a lot more garlic and onion in the winter than the summer.  I guess I’ll have to remember that and buy fewer, smaller onions in the future.

Back to your regularly scheduled lives, I just wanted to let you know about the onion.  Have a great weekend.


One Comment to “friday forum – take 2”

  1. well that’s pretty cool for one week’s food waste. Half a mouldy onion – it’s amazing how quickly they go off isn’t it?

    I think you’ll be zero food waste next week 😉

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