a look back to see our future?

make do

I love the sentiment of this poster.  It’s the mantra of many Compactors and frugalistas.  In fact I love this poster.  The color just screams creative to me.  It’s a hand pulled print on recycled card stock by Bold&Noble available at their Etsy shop.

Does handmade by an artist fit within your Compact confines?  Or does the quote itself (a reference from a much earlier wartime motto) contain the answer?

Simplicity - Nick Dewar

Then there’s this one.  How great is that?  This piece is from the Dec/Jan issue of ReadyMade:

The magazine asked five designers to use The Great Depression’s populist poster art as inspiration for depicting our current economic and cultural times.  Link to the posters online to download PDFs for free.

This is what Nick Dewar had to say about his Simplicity piece:

“I hope that America is entering a post-’greed is good’ period.  I can’t think of a single step that would change the nature of our society more than everyone abandoning their automobiles and cycling instead.  There would be less dependence on oil, obesity levels would drop dramatically, and reflective bike clips would replace fancy ladies’ purses as the current must-have fashion accessory.”  {see more of Nick’s work at nickdewar.com}

Free, cool and funny.  I’ll take two.


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