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No picture.  Means no food waste.  At least this week.

I’ll take it.

With an extra mouth to feed (my brother is in for a visit) we have had a pretty easy time eating everything up the last few days.  Plus, I intentionally created a very perishable-free menu this week.  I did buy a few vegetables and some fruit for the next week so hopefully we will actually be around to get it all eaten.  I’ve already sent berries to live in the freezer.  At 69¢ a pound for strawberries I was almost wishing I knew how to make preserves.  But I have lots for smoothies, sauces and such.

Week one of this no food waste streak.  I’m going to be really optimistic and reach for the entire month of July.

Does a bigger goal make us work harder or just more likely to not succeed?


5 Comments to “friday forum”

  1. Congratulations! I don’t know how to make jam, but strawberries are great frozen in smoothies, or made into pie. It’s delicious and VERY easy. I used to Silver Palate cookbook recipe- you basically just cook the strawberries with sugar and a little cornstarch and bake in the crust.

    I think I’ll buy a bunch of berries next week!

  2. Jam is very, very easy. Google a recipe for freezer jam, which is so much easier and tastier than the cooked sort.

    Yay on no food waste…go you!

  3. Great job.

    I agree jam is easy to make.

    Oh, and Cooking During Stolen Moments has a great Strawberry- Kiwi muffin recipe.

  4. Wow. I’m so impressed and envious. I’m constantly battling the food waste issue, and have watched your food waste dwindle over the last few weeks. I’m still not there, but you inspire me!

  5. Kristen and Alea, thanks! I will definitely look into the freezer jam and the Strawberry-Kiwi muffins sound great!

    emma, food waste is always a challenge. Some weeks are better than other. If my public humiliation is inspiration then it’s definitely worth it!

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