enveloped in style

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a huge fan of making things.  Granted, I’ve shown you lots of things I’d LIKE to make yet haven’t actually gotten around to yet.  I have a list.

I’m adding these to my list.

First up is a simple DIY on making envelopes out of whatever you have lying around.  For all you recyclers that could be quite the mother-load.  For the rest of you, dig out that adorable cat calendar your great-aunt sent you that you couldn’t bring yourself to hang up on January 1st.


BrujaHa created this tutorial for the folks at instructables.  I love instructables.

Now you can take the junk mail and create something useful out of it.  I like the idea of mailing the gas bill payment in an envelope made from a circular sent by the electric company.  Or send your great-aunt a wonderful birthday card in a certain cat print envelope.



Just follow BrujaHa’s instructions with her nice pictures and you’ll be at the post office in no time.


If making envelopes isn’t your thing, or you have more than enough already how about this little lovely…


I love the idea of an envelope book.  So many uses.  Take a trip and bring this along for all the mementos your bound to collect.  Keep clippings of kids’ haircuts for sentimental reasons.  Or clippings of your own hair to see the changes over the years (green from those early punk days, the “natural” blond of summer, that horrible red your stylist talked you into right before your sister’s wedding…), or not.  Keep whatever.  But what a cute way to keep it.

Again for those great folks at instructables.  This time the tutorial is by Donovan Beeson and she really knows how to tute.  Lots of great detailed instruction and photos will take you through a step by step of how to create a book of envelopes for any occasion.


I bet you have the supplies for this one too.  Or at least a trip to the thrift store for a fabric scrap, some envelopes and a stop by the grocery store for a cardboard box will net you what you need.


I don’t have pretty blue vintage envelopes but I’m thinking I can find something.  Or I could make a bunch of envelopes BrujaHa style and use those.  That’s two…two projects in one!

Be creative.  It’s good for you.


8 Responses to “enveloped in style”

  1. Now I know why I’ve got a drawer full of cards/envelopes/stationary from the 80s! Thanks!

    Looks like the raging estrogen of your impending big day isn’t stunting your creativity one bit!

  2. I hope it mentions in the tutorial that certain sizes of envelopes (especially squares) will double your postage fees.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this website on your blog.

    I had never heard of instructables before, but I have just had a peek and I’m sure it is going to become a favourite!

  4. Also, the envelope book would make a great gift.

  5. Angela, that drawer is called “art supplies”, get to work!

    Joyce, the BrujaHa tutorial is pretty loose. No measurements are given so the envelopes are what you make them. You make a good point to check sizes to ensure basic postage rates apply.

    NCG, enjoy the site! Gifting the books is a great idea, as many reasons to make them as to give them away!

  6. The envelope book would make an awesome coupon organizer. Must….make….one!!

  7. I’ve been genuinely expired to coax my toddler into ‘helping’ with these envelope-related projects. Has given me good Christmas present ideas too. Thanks!


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