monday – menus and more


I thought we would be into the fresh food by now but we’re still waiting to spend a couple days in the maternity ward so limited produce in the fridge.  Let’s see what we’ll be eating…

Monday:  salad (1 head of lettuce to use up)

Tuesday:  burgers & beans (need to make buns)

Wednesday:  pizza (toppings TBD)

Thursday:  bratwurst (will attempt hot dog style buns with the Tuesday baking)

Friday:  stir fry

Saturday:  tuna casserole

Sunday:  buttermilk pancakes

Mix-ins, toppings and sides are really loose around here.  What needs to be used, when do we get to the store and what fits within the timing of making dinner.

My brother was visiting and (I hope) enjoyed the fruits of my menu planning.  He was surprised and impressed (I think) that we are having weekly home-made pizza.  I love doing it because I know the husband loves having it.  I’m still searching for the perfect crust but it’s a fun (and tasty) search.

But what I was getting at was that it has really helped me to have a couple of “tradition” days like Wednesday and Sunday (pizza and breakfast), so I can concentrate on only 5 other meals.  I’m still not that imaginative with my menus, I’m taking it slow.  Actually, I think I was more imaginative in the beginning of this process.  As I’ve spent the last 4 weeks expecting a baby any day (as if I have any say in the matter) I’ve lost some of my momentum for thinking up tasty meals.  I’m so lucky to have a husband who will eat just about anything.  And say it’s wonderful.


Our budget was $80, we spent…

Sprouts Farmers Market – $42.66 (no savings 😦  I forgot my bags, so no credits there)

Trader Joe’s – $12.84

Vons – $17.54 (savings = $11.77)

Ralphs – $5.99 (savings = $0.90)

Costco – $35.73 (applesauce, butter, beer)

CVS – $11.90 (savings = $11.76)

A grand total of $126.88.  Definitely over our budget but what you can’t see is the 3 month supply of applesauce and husband’s body soap, 3 month supply of beer and probably month long supply of butter depending on how much baking I do.  So, considering Costco and CVS were bulk buys and not a weekly expense I’m okay with where we are at.  Except for the issue of forgetting my bags at Sprouts.  It’s a pretty rare problem ever since I opened up about it, but it definitely annoys me when it happens.


My mother-in-law has been visiting on the heels of my brother.  (Both in hopes of helping with Toddler L during our days away, as if that has worked out for us – NOT.)  When she was last in town I had a batch of Artisan Bread in the fridge and made some for dinner.  Even with my beginner challenges it was such a success she has made it twice in the month since.  I am thrilled to have introduced this great bread basic to a woman who is known for real baking on a regular basis and making bread whenever she has the whim.  MIL  says this is so easy she’s a true convert (at least for the great bread-with-meal loaves).  If you haven’t checked out the book or the website/blog and tried it yourself you’re really missing out.

Don’t worry I say that as a slow convert myself.  But really, yuuuummmmmmmmmmmm.


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