compacting – act II

We have officially started the second phase of this Compact adventure.  (It’s a coincidence that we’re also halfway through it.)

Early Monday morning (so early most people would consider it Sunday night) Baby X joined the family and officially became Baby S.  Now that we’re all back home and setting up a routine I have started to think about how the Compact will affect our newest family member.

When I decided we would follow the guidelines of the Compact this year we had a toddler.  All in all, toddlers don’t need that much stuff.  At least, this one doesn’t.  Or at least he doesn’t know he doesn’t have or need much.  We have had great success finding clothes and other necessities for Toddler L at the thrift and kids’ consignment stores.

Since we have said toddler we already had most of the baby items we needed.  Bonus that they are both boys so I don’t have to dye pink bedding or traumatize a boy with a Strawberry Shortcake car seat.  Are there other baby needs I don’t remember or am too tired to realize yet that we can’t meet in a Compact world?  I don’t think so but I guess it’s all part of the adventure to find out.

I was very happy to see some changes in what the hospital thought we needed too.  As we were at the same place Toddler L was born I remembered them being so nice and wanting to give us so many goodies when we were checking out.  It wasn’t until I started to go through it that I realized there were at least three diaper bags and numerous cans and samples of formula.  I already had a diaper bag and these “freebies” were all heavily branded by the formula companies.  Another product I wasn’t really in need of.  More than anything I remember the nurse’s surprise when I tried telling her I didn’t want any of it.

Just because something is free doesn’t mean I need it.  (That goes for you too husband.)  Other families might, so I will happily leave my share for them.

This time the bag of goodies arrived and I was the surprised one.  The bag was full of diapers.  Now that is something every new baby needs.  (Yes, yes, I know all about cloth diapers and am a huge supporter, we just can’t use them – a story for another day.)

I only hope they re-distribute the many papers and pamphlets we were given that I carefully left behind after reading.  Re-use comes before recycle.


On a completely different train…

If you have any suggestions for watermelon I’d love to hear them.  We were given a good size one for the 4th that I assume needs to be cut into soon and with only the husband, Toddler L and I I’m not sure how we’ll get through it all.


3 Comments to “compacting – act II”

    It sounds like everything went like clockwork. I’m so happy for you.

    It will be interesting to hear the challenges of doing the Compact with a newborn. Or if there are any in particular.

    Watermelon- just eat it! Now. Also- I used to go to the Fairfax Farmer’s Market and they had a juice stand there and my favorite was watermelon. Do you have a juicer? It’s very refreshing, and full of…. I forget what, but something.

  2. Just watched a cooking show yesterday (Laurentis – Simple Italian) where they made a gratinee that I know would work beautifully with watermelon. Don’t they publish the Food Network recipies?

    Have you ever eaten watermelon rind pickles? Sorry but my cookbook with that recipe is back east. If you are interested I could call Z and have him email it. It’s in my Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook. Rest up and enjoy the new arrival.

  3. Congratulations on your new little one!!

    You can put watermelon into smoothies.

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