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First up… food waste.  I haven’t actively looked to see if we have any waste.  I’m living life in a “if I come across it I’ll deal with it” kind of momentum.  So far that’s meant I threw away a couple of outer leaves from a head of lettuce.  We were in hospital when that was to be part of the menu.  Minor drawback to having kids.  I also tossed a (largish) piece of cornbread.  I didn’t like the way it tasted when I first made it.  Freezing, thawing, reheating and re-serving didn’t help it.  I could only eat a bite.  Husband was very good and ate a bigger piece.  One more piece still in the freezer.  I’ll deal with that later.

I think I have an onion (or two) that aren’t going to make it much further.  As I mentioned before I don’t seem to be using onions as much in my summer cooking.  I think we’ve had these for several weeks now.  I should probably grab it and see if it falls apart in my hand.  But then I’d have to deal with it.  Better to avoid.


I received the nicest blog compliments the other day.  No, I wasn’t nominated for most hilarious, best written, about nothing blog awards.  But thanks for thinking that.  A couple of friends offered to bring food by after we got home from the hospital.  Major advantage to having kids.  The compliment came when they were concerned about affecting my menu plans and food waste.  How sweet is that?  My friends worry about my food being eaten on the day I determined it should in a previous week when I had no idea what the current week would bring.  How sweet.  And naive.  My friends really should know that everything I do is totally off the cuff and can be rearranged at a moments notice.  Especially when that notice says “we’re bringing over dinner”.

Ah well, they may not be weighing their food waste but at least I may have them thinking about the possibility.

Weighing waste?

Did you catch that?

Don’t worry, it was a joke.  I’m not that sleep deprived.  Actually, there is a woman who does weigh her waste and blogs about it.  I’m in awe.  But I’m too sleep deprived for that.


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