monday – menus and more


I’m still trying to get back on track after having Baby S last week.  I had to wing it with the groceries and I really don’t have a menu planned.  We are lucky to have friends wanting to drop off food, what a wonderful tradition!  Plus, my in-laws will be here for several days to meet their newest grandson.  I know we will be out at least one of those nights.  It’s hard to guess what will be happening the other days.  Let’s see how close we come to this…

Monday:  dinner being dropped-off by a friend (I don’t know what we’re having but I don’t have to cook so who cares?)

Tuesday:  bibimbap (or at least a variation of it)

Wednesday:  pizza (toppings TBD)

Thursday:  eating out

Friday:  WOHO

Saturday:  dinner drop-off?

Sunday:  crepes


Our budget was $80, we spent…

Sprouts Farmers Market – $19.45

Trader Joe’s – $32.92

Bakery Outlet – $14.05

It’s nice to be under budget at only $66.42, but I’m not really sure what we bought with that.  After getting home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon it was up to the husband to do the weekly shopping.  I didn’t even have a good list for him, poor guy.  I knew we had friends dropping off some meals and I didn’t know how much cooking I would feel like doing anyway.  My direction as he headed out the door to Trader Joe’s?  “Just buy some of the things we would have bought before.”  Before being before I started doing so much cooking from scratch.  Apparently he’s been really missing the (tasty, but pre-packaged) Indian dinners we often had.  We could be having them 4 or 5 nights this week.  Good thing there’s some other food in the cupboard for variety.  Truly though, what a guy.  We could have been eating frozen pizza or take-out for the week.  I can work with what I’ve got.


That’s it.  Two boys are sleeping, I think I’ll join them.


2 Comments to “monday – menus and more”

  1. I’m curious about this bibimbap- have you made it before. What veggies do you use? It looks good.

    I’d say go easy on yourself and accept all the food you can get, and heat up those Trader Joe’s packaged Indian foods if you both like them. You just got through with a big job!

  2. Angela, I have not made Bibimbap before but I have had it in restaurants. Based on the comments, the recipe I linked to is not very traditional but it’s close enough for my tastes! I was planning to use spinach, carrots, corn and some kind of ground meat with the rice and egg – mostly because that’s what I had that needed to be used up! I would say just wing it and if you like it keep experimenting. And be sure to try it in a Korean restaurant to see what it is supposed to be like for reference!

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