friday forum

Today’s topics of discussion are so disparate that I am going to split them into separate posts.

First up is the weekly food waste.  Kristen, over at The Frugal Girl, has challenged her readers to be more aware of the food they throw out.  By facing the issue head on and even publishing the findings (public humiliation is a great motivator of change), we can all help reduce food waste.  These Friday postings are my findings.  Or non-findings as the case may be.

This week I have no findings.  Again, I haven’t done a thorough search for what may be lurking.  Having house guests throws off my whole game.  My weekly standards usually get all shot to hell.  Shopping doesn’t happen in an orderly fashion.  Eating is not always as home-made.  And regular kitchen maintenance is at a bare minimum.  Or non-existent.  This week it’s been non-existent.  So I blindly assume I have no food waste to bear witness to.  I hope I’m not wrong.

Over the next week or two, as things calm down (post baby delivery and house guests) I will probably have some things to show you but I’m taking a free pass on most of it because of the aforementioned activities.

Bear with me as life returns to normal.

Yeah, okay that was a joke.


If you are traveling with infants or young children this summer check out today’s other post.  It really has nothing to do with the Compact but I’m putting it here anyway.


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