monday – menus and more


This week looks to be almost normal.  At least when it comes to menu planning and me being in the kitchen.  We have no visitors and no plans for drop-off dinners (although they are always welcome!), so I think it’s up to me.  Let’s see what we’ll be eating…

Monday:  baked spinach and pasta frittata

Tuesday:  shrimp with roasted corn

Wednesday:  pizza (toppings TBD)

Thursday:  boxed Indian (Why boxed Indian food?  Because that’s what the husband bought when I sent him to the store by himself.)

Friday:  chicken parmesan sandwiches

Saturday:  london broil

Sunday:  french toast


Our budget was $80, we spent…

I don’t want to know.

I’m not even going to tabulate what was spent last week at the grocery store.  Seriously.  What with having house guests and the husband going almost every day to some store to pick up some thing, I never did have a true shopping list and I don’t want to know what we spent.  I certainly don’t know what we got so why should I know what it cost?  This week will be back on track for shopping too.  I hope.


Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day.  July is National Ice Cream Month.  Which is good because I wasn’t able to eat all of the ice cream yesterday.  Now I still have some time to indulge in healthy dairy snacks.  Come on, let a girl dream.  Thanks Mr. Reagan.


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