how was your day?


Sometimes things just work out.  I wasn’t expecting it but today was one of those days.  Okay, Toddler L has a fever.  That wasn’t expected or hoped for.  But other things were better.

If you’ve been here before you probably know I am an AB5MD convert.  (That’s Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for those of you who aren’t so hip to be squared.)  Although I love having the bread machine and make all the bread we eat (okay, maybe not ALL, I can’t be responsible for the husband’s addiction to Thomas English Muffins), I have truly fallen for the ease with which one can have divine, crusty, almost-quasi-nearly-Old World French loaves on the table with dinner.  And such a cute little loaf for when it’s just the two of you.  (Okay, it’s never just the two of us anymore, but the other mouths don’t eat dinner with us so I’m discounting them for the sake of this discussion.)

All digressions aside, I have been doing a regular and somewhat extensive search for a used copy of the AB5MD book in the thrift stores and online.  No luck.  Apparently I am not the only one.  I am currently 573 of 623 on the wait list at Paperback Swap.  Some time ago (think months) I put a request in at the library.  Finally, it’s waiting to be picked up.

But that’s not the best part.  I haven’t made it to the library yet and now I don’t have to.  A package arrived today.  As we have a new baby that’s not completely unexpected.  But that this package contained adult books was.  No, not those kind of adult books.  What do you take me for?  One book doesn’t have any pictures or nursery rhymes and the other one has recipes that don’t include home-made play dough or bubbles.  My in-laws gifted us a copy of the first Artisan Bread book.  How cool is that?  They know all about the Compact and my newest obsession and I guess they took pity on me.  Whatever the reason, I couldn’t be happier.  I feel like a 16 year old boy who just got handed the keys to the car.  I can’t wait to dive in and see what it can do.  And I hope that’s the only time I ever feel like a 16 year old boy.  That’s kinda weird.

I think everyone should be part of the Compact.  It makes getting gifts even better.

. . .

I did have another Compact revelation this week.  I have mentioned before about my frustrations with Freecycle.  I know it is a staple of the true Compact lifestyle.  The concept of getting used items from others when they are done with them and putting your own items into circulation is what keeps the Compact a viable entity.  I wanted to be part of the circle.  I had even collected a bag of miscellaneous items to post on the local site.  Unfortunately I never prioritized to get the posts actually written.  (I know, they only need to be one sentence each.)  After Baby S arrived I really needed to make some space in our room so the bag ended up going to Goodwill.  Still the used goods bandwagon so not a terrible loss but I wouldn’t be getting my “shop now” card from Freecycle.

When our air mattress developed yet another slow leak I refused to take it out of the living room until I had posted it on Freecycle.  I didn’t think I’d actually get any takers for an air mattress that had 3 patches and needed yet another but I hated the idea of sending all that vinyl to the landfill.

I spent over two hours corresponding with 7 or 8 interested parties and coordinating pick-up with the lucky taker.  If I had actually posted all the items I had previously collected I couldn’t have possibly handled the response time based on what I got for an air mattress that leaves you on the hard floor by morning.  I’m not cut out for Freecycle.  I accept it.

Before I get comments about how the system works let me say again, I’m okay not being a Freecycler.  Really.  I am much happier about the 2 hours I spent making my own envelopes out of pages from old magazines.  And then printing the prettiest little address labels for them.  I even made my own stickers to seal them up with.  (I’m not bragging, really, just remembering fondly.)  That’s time well spent to me.  And it’s all part of the Compact.   Take what works and build a life to be enjoyed.  That’s what I say.


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