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“Aren’t you going to take a picture of that?”

That’s what the husband said as I was tossing out 6 pieces of my new favorite molasses bread*.  They had started to grow mold while I was busy eating a loaf of white bread.  Apparently I can’t leave bread alone for a minute, much less days without it getting into trouble.  I really kind of knew that, which is why I was so thoroughly disgusted as I opened the garbage bin.  I will be slicing and freezing my bread as soon as I make it from now on.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the answer was “no”.

I also did not take a picture of the plum I tried to eat but refrained.  I was cutting off a small piece of the skin because the plum labeling sticker would not let go and I didn’t want to eat sticker glue.  As I cut into the plum I saw that it was strangely discolored and “off” throughout the inside.  So my week started with plums that were picked too soon and turning to mush on the outside while the inside was not yet ripe and finished with a plum that appeared to be rotting from the inside out.  I did eat the plums at the beginning of the week mind you.

I’m a little more worried about what won’t get photographed next Friday.  We are headed to Michigan for a family wedding.  Lots of eating in restaurants and sleeping in a hotel that probably won’t have a mini-fridge.  As this is the land of large size portions I see some food waste in my future.  As much as I’d like to avoid it I’m not sure how much I can control.  I wonder what the waiter will say if I order a quarter of a chicken-fried-steak** because I don’t want to throw the rest away?

If you haven’t guessed yet, the answer is “no”.



The Las Vegas Weekly put together a great article on the new “local” movement.  Or should I say the new local-washing movement.

“With more consumers buying from their own neighborhoods, corporations are getting in on the local action.”

What?  You didn’t know that Hellman’s and Frito-Lay are actually just your typical local companies?  Check out the story here, and see what else the big corps are hoping you’ll buy.

* Just a note, I do really like this bread machine recipe but I bake it in the oven not the bread machine.  Great flavor and a better crust.

** Don’t believe everything you read.  I’m not planning to have chicken-fried-steak next week.  Or any week for that matter.  This was a test.  Only a test.


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