monday – menus and more


We bounce from normal to not-normal weeks around here quicker than most people… well, I don’t know quicker than what.  But it’s pretty darn often.  This week we are off to the UP.  (That’s the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for you non-Michiganders.)  That means lots of eating out.  Yay, to a break from cooking.  A much bigger YAY to no dishes. Let’s see what we’ll be eating before we leave…

Monday:  pasta and egg round-up (cook pasta, toss in scrambled eggs and whatever else looks interesting)

Tuesday:  pizza (we’ll miss pizza Wednesday, plus I have dough in the fridge)


Our budget was $80, we spent…

Trader Joe’s – $28.76

Sprouts – $16.71 (used bag credit = $0.05)

Yay, for small budget weeks.  Of course, this goodness is inversely proportionate to how much we will be spending while away.  I am packing as much as I can in snack food for our flight though.  It’s a good thing yogurt raisins are not considered liquid or gel.


Now, excuse me while I go pack 12 suitcases and 4 carry-ons for our 5 day trip.


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