correct change required


Alas, Monday Menus is no more.  I knew when I started that this would be an evolving process.  Not that I’m giving up my menu planning, it has become a key factor in keeping to a budget and keeping me happily in the kitchen night after night.  It’s more a matter of what I consider our week to be.  It used to be Sunday through Saturday, then it became Monday through Sunday.  Now our week is Saturday through Friday.  Why?  Does it really matter?

So, I am without title alliteration.  I thought about Saturday Splurge as this post covers the spending as well, but that didn’t really seem to portray that we have a pretty conservative budget and I’m trying to stick to it.  But that doesn’t really matter either.

On to business.  What’s on the menu?

Saturday – Nicoise pasta (kind of like a Nicoise salad with noodles instead of lettuce)

Sunday – buttermilk pancakes (I am really loving the Sunday breakfast for dinner thing)

Monday – beef stir fry

Tuesday – Indonesian style noodles

Wednesday – game food (also known as whatever can be found at Dodger Stadium that isn’t a Dodger dog)

Thursday – pizza (yes, pizza night is Wednesday but husband would be sad to skip a week)

Friday – hamburgers (organic, grass fed beef was on sale this week – even at $3.99/lb I’m happy to have it)


I’ve also decided (at least for now) to only show what was spent in total instead of the store by store breakdown.  I don’t know that it’s all that interesting to me to have the greater detail, but I do like feeling accountable to stick somewhat close to our $80 budget.  And I think, as a compromise to the $50 a week kids I’m going to look at food (in & out) separately from our non-edible groceries.  Let’s see what this looks like…

eating out – $78.37

grocery – $62.42

grocery non-edible – $24.50

Saturday Splurge is actually pretty accurate for this week.  In our defense we were traveling through Monday and didn’t get to the grocery store until Wednesday.  That eating out total will be waaaaay less in the weeks to come.  Or else.


3 Comments to “correct change required”

  1. Well, at least you can still participate in Food Waste Friday, which is full of alliteration. lol

  2. Saturday’s plan or Saturday Shop and Plan.

    I’ve never been really good at coming up with names for things, which is why my blog titles always suck. You could call it the Nonconformist Meal Plan since the rest of us are doing them on Mondays. Be an individual!! 🙂

  3. Will you please come organize my life?

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