oops, I did it again

Actually, the husband did it but I’m not keeping score.  We went shopping today – to buy something new.  It was an intentional and premeditated purchase.  What could make us stray from our hard-core Compact beliefs you ask?

(Okay, you already know they’re not that hard-core but ask anyway.)

We bought baseball cards.


Yup, baseball cards.  These weren’t just any old baseball cards though.  (Or so I’m told, I really have no clue about these things.)  We were buying a 2009 box set to be kept in its original plastic as a commemorative keepsake of Baby S’s birth year.


Apparently for any person who knows anything about baseball cards this is a big deal.  I’m not that person.  A friend gave Toddler L the same box set at his birth so husband thought it was only right to continue the tradition, Compact be damned.  I was just along for the ride.

That’s not entirely true.  I fully support any decision the husband makes regarding purchases, Compact or otherwise.  I pretty much support him in most any decision, period.  I’m just supporting like that.

I’m also a huge fan of traditions.  So when husband said he wanted to continue a tradition started with our first son how could I say no?  I think it’s sweet and sentimental.  My husband is sweet and sentimental.  Heck, he can buy anything he wants.

Oh, and I bought sunglasses at Target.

Living in Southern California sunglasses are a health and safety exception.  I am certainly a safer driver when wearing them and my eyes have been hurting when I’m outside since my last pair broke.  Or should I say, they completely fell apart after previously being broken by Toddler L.  My spare pair is currently husband’s only pair as his last two pairs failed the Toddler L strength and durability testing.

But that’s another story.

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2 Comments to “oops, I did it again”

  1. Thanks for giving me a great rationalization for buying new sunglasses- mine are battered beyond belief. It IS a health and safety issue here, because I have extremely fair skin and a family history of skin cancer.

    So that’s that.

    I think the baseball cards idea is a great tradition. Unless of course one of your sons grows up to be a fan of the ballet instead. In which case, no biggie.

  2. Baseball cards?!? sigh. I just don’t understand. But I bet they’d make cool coasters.

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