food waste


I almost took a picture of an empty pizza sauce jar but I didn’t think it told the story.  The story of my waste.  This week I had to throw out about a cup of pizza sauce.  It could have been more but I had just used some to make the pizza.  In fact, the jar was on its way back to the fridge when I grabbed it from a different angle and saw the mold inside.

**Don’t tell the husband, he’ll really freak out.**

Now in defense, the mold was just a small patch attached to a little bit of sauce on the side of the jar that was quite a bit separate from the sauce I dipped into.  I hate when that happens.  When a little patch of old(ish) product goes bad when the majority of what remains seems fine.

I was still thinking about whether I could have saved the remainder as I was washing out the jar and remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture first.

My mind truly works in mysterious ways.  Thanks food waste Friday for reminding me of this fact.


One Comment to “food waste”

  1. My husband would freak out too. But hey, the tomato sauce got cooked on the pizza, right? So, the yucky stuff probably died. lol

    I’m assuming you have not suffered any ill effects?

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