getting real about the high price of cheap food


For anyone who has not yet seen Food Inc., Time magazine has a great article outlining the reality of conventional farming versus organic farming.

Just because the price tag is low doesn’t mean there isn’t a much higher cost to that package of 80% lean ground beef.  Diet, supplements, environmental impact and human impact all play a part in keeping the prices down.  Most of us would rather not have to spend so much time and energy worrying about our food.  But if we don’t think about it what price are we paying?

How willing are consumers to rethink the way they shop for — and eat — food? For most people, price will remain the biggest obstacle. Organic food continues to cost on average several times more than its conventional counterparts, and no one goes to farmers’ markets for bargains. But not all costs can be measured by a price tag. Once you factor in crop subsidies, ecological damage and what we pay in health-care bills after our fatty, sugary diet makes us sick, conventionally produced food looks a lot pricier.

Consider this a primer for Food Inc., a must see if you are concerned about your health or the health of this planet we call home.


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