palm sheath plates


I want these plates.  I have been gathering all my ideas and goodies for Toddler L’s upcoming birthday party.  And now, I want these plates.

I know the most Compact choice would be to borrow plates from several friends, but as we are at a wilderness park with small children I am afraid I might not be returning as many plates as I borrowed.  So that idea’s out.  The next most Compact idea would probably be to get all the plates I need from Goodwill.  I could either keep the plates or send them back to Goodwill after the party, but I don’t want or need that many mismatched plates and I’m trying to keep costs down so buying and re-donating plates doesn’t really seem to make sense either.  As I’m being as eco-friendly as I can about this whole shindig the next option I see is to buy environmentally friendly disposable plates.

I saw these palm sheath plates on a party planning site and immediately felt pangs of desire.  They’re perfect.  They’re called bioplates.  They’re made from naturally fallen palm sheaths and can be used multiple times.

They’re also only sold by this company in Australia.  Not exactly environmentally friendly to have my plates shipped from Australia (or economical, or realistic, or going to happen).

I’m working really hard to find another equally fabulous option.  Sometimes being a designer, and wanted just the right look is a real pain in the butt.


3 Comments to “palm sheath plates”

  1. Yeah, those are pretty cool.

    It’s a lot easier to stop buying new and be frugal if you don’t care much about aesthetics…

  2. I think I saw similiar plates at World Market.

  3. I saw these plates at my freinds place as well… they are from

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