food waste


Don’t store food on top of the refrigerator.  Unless you want to forget about it.  Case in point – croutons made some three months ago to salvage stale bread so I wouldn’t have to post it on a food waste Friday.  Should have saved myself the effort.  And the oil.  Next time I’ll have to find a more memorable spot or keep a list on the fridge with all the foods in unusual places that need to be eaten.

Do my posts about food waste make you more aware of what gets tossed into the trash bin at your house?  I hope so, even if it’s just a passing thought.


One Comment to “food waste”

  1. Oh too funny; that’s just the sort of thing I would do – make soup to use up the veg and hen forget about the soup and have to toss the lot.

    never mind; it’s a tiny bit of food waste really – well done on a good week 🙂

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