cookin’ stuff

Sorry, no recipe here.  It’s not even about food.  Although it is all about the kitchen.  Which is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.  Or at least the one I spend the most time in.

I have always had a weakness for china, silver and glassware – blame my grandmother for teaching me the artistry of a well dressed table at a young age.  Recently though, I have really taken a hankering to kitchen tools.  All the things that a kitchen should have to function at it’s peak.  Yes, I know the brush is only as good as the artist holding it.  But a girl can dream.

And today I found a place to dream big.  Unfortunately it’s not a new thrift store.  Cookin’ Stuff is a nearby cooking and bakeware store.  If only I had stepped foot in this place before joining the Compact.  I either could have already fully stocked my kitchen or avoided today’s denial deluge.  If you’re not a kitchen tool kind of person you won’t understand, but just look at all the goodies, stacked row after row…


Okay, so the rainbow of colors isn't really necessary, but they sure are purdy.

I swear, they don't come used.  Just ask anyone who owns one if they'll sell it.

I swear, they don't come used. Just ask anyone who owns one if they'll sell it. (And I apologize for the terrible photography, I only had the point and shoot and took this without the flash.)


I don't even know what they're all for, but don't they look cool?

I know this is obnoxiously non-Compact but I will say I was going to the store for wooden skewers and twine, so legitimate purchases by most standards.  (If your standards are higher than that, I applaud you.  And have no desire to be you.)  I just couldn’t help myself wandering the aisles drooling over the possibilities.

Okay, confession time.  You knew it was coming.  I made purchases beyond my skewers (they didn’t have the twine).  I bought a lovely tea cozy and a set of cookie cutters.  The tea cozy is something I have thought about for years – again, blame Grandma – but have never seen a used one and am not of the skill level to make one.

The cookie cutters were purchased to fulfill a birthday party design need.  What’s a birthday party design need?  It’s a designer’s need to have pbj sandwiches cut out with a shape that matches the overall scheme of the party.  And to set the style of all future cookie/sandwich and other cutouts.  I know cookie cutters can be found at the thrift store, I’ve seen them there.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any in the last 4 days since I decided to add cutout pbj sandwiches to the menu.  I’ll be keeping my purchase in their wrap until the last possible moment in the hopes of replacing them with a borrowed or used set.  Although, I really do like having a signature style of cookie cutout, and these would be perfect for a lifetime of cutting.

Have I justified yet?

At least I left all the Le Creuset and Kitchenaids on the shelves.


4 Comments to “cookin’ stuff”

  1. This is why I no longer go in any kitchen store or kitchen area of any store.

    I have a 6 piece set of Le Creuset ware bought in 1974 in a Navy exchange in Italy. Would NEVER part with any of it. BTW thought it was outrageously priced at $50 but it was a special present to myself. Can you buy a lid for $50?

    Have a plain white KitchenAid that we purchased in 1981 just before the birth of our youngest son. Will NEVER part with it either – oldest son tried to talk us out of it when we retired to FL.

    I think the long skinny rolling pins are used for pasta – at least that’s the kind I saw used in Italy.

    Tools I can’t live without – tongs, box grater , my set of Chicago Cutlery knives,
    and high heat spatulas.

  2. I received birthday money from my m-i-l, so I splurged and bought a mandolin cutter for julienning (probably not a real word) my carrots and zucchini.

    I let my kids and their friends use my cookie cutters (even the antiques) for play dough. I have used them as stencils. I have hung them by ribbons and used them for decorations. The more ways I can use an item, the better I feel about adding it to my house…

  3. I love cooking stores also and can’t walk past a Williams Sonoma, Sur le table, restaurant supply store etc…without going in….I am currently on the hunt for a cupcake holder – please let me know if you find one during your thrift store excursions..

  4. I desperately want a Le Creuset dutch oven but I just can’t bring myself to spend $250 on it.

    I do have a used KitchenAid though. My mom wanted a red one so she bought it and gave me her white one, which was probably 10 years old. Works great though.

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