food waste

food-waste-disposalFood Waste

by Leigh Meyer

Scene 1, Act 1

A family dinner table.  Husband and wife enjoying pineapple pork with rice.

The husband:  “We had some food waste this week.”

Me:  “We did?”  Eyebrow raised in question.

The husband:  “Yeah, the rice pudding.”

Me:  “Oh.”

The husband:  “It smelled really funny and I tasted it.  It had definitely turned.”

Me:  “Oh.”  Gagging look.

The husband:  “I didn’t swallow it.  I didn’t take a picture of it.  I’m just telling you, do what you will with it.”

Me:  “I’ll write about it.”

The End


2 Comments to “food waste”

  1. This cracked me up! If all your writing is so witty, you’ve got yourself another loyal reader!

  2. LOL! You really have the most creative food waste pictures!

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