eco-me cleans up


Eco-me has created some really great packaging for all natural household cleaners.  So all natural in fact you already have them in your house.  And some of you are probably already using them to clean with.  (Oil, vinegar, water and baking soda.)  There’s even a DIY kit so they sell you the great packaging and you provide your own ingredients.  Minus the secret mix of essential oils.  I’m just not sure a mix of tea tree, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary are worth the cost of packaging and shipping the packaging.

If these products help some people kick the toxic habit then I’m all for it.  (Apparently they work really well, but you probably knew that.)  I just hope I can have a brainstorm idea to make money selling people what they already own.

Do you use essential oils in your cleaning?  (I’m collecting recipes so I don’t have to buy the packaging.)

via Design Mom


One Comment to “eco-me cleans up”

  1. Many times products that are labeled “essential oils” have added carriers to act as surfactants (so they say). The carrier may be as innocuous as soy or as toxic as tong oil. Even “wildcrafted” products can be guilty of this. Since they are not required to list all ingredients, it is still an area not quite consumer-protected. Ferminich (not sure of the spelling) is a supplier (wholesale) of great repute and big enough to have on staff people to answer questions. They also sell synthetic oils and scents.

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